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Protection of Automotive Electronics from Electrical Hazards

Protection of Automotive Electronics from Electrical Hazards


Electronic equipment represents a large part of the automobiles of today. Although these electronic modules bring much more comfort and security for the vehicle user, they also bring significant concerns in terms of reliability regarding the automobile environment.

Because electronic modules are sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances (EMI), electrostatic discharges (ESD) and other electrical disturbances (and automobiles are the source of many such hazards), caution must be taken wherever electronic modules are used in the automotive environment.


Several standards have been produced to model the electrical hazards that are currently found in automobiles. As a result manufacturers and suppliers have to consider these standards and have to add protection devices to their modules to fulfill the major obligations imposed by these standards.

The objective of this document is to help electronic module designers with a protection design approach for selecting the most suitable devices for typical applications depending on the protection standard the electronic module has to meet.