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Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD

Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD

Most power MOSFET users are very familiar with the “static sensitive devices” warning. The problem is that familiarity may breed contempt, especially if one has never destroyed a power MOSFET by improper handling. Statistically, it is unlikely that a particular MOSFET will be destroyed by Electrostatic-Discharge (ESD). However, when thousands of MOSFETs are handled, even a statistically small number of failures may be significant. In view of the fact that IR rejects less than 100 parts per million (ppm) at outgoing Q.A., it is evident that destroying 1 or 2 parts per 1,000 during incoming handling will have a significant impact on the perceived quality of the units.


International Rectifier has an outstanding ESD control program in place in their HEXFET™ manufacturing facility. This Application Note will discuss how HEXFET users can implement and benefit from similar ESD control programs.