Our Privacy Policy

This online privacy policy discloses Electronics Infoline’s online information gathering practices and describes the usage of the information gathered on this website. The only personally identifiable information collected on this site is submitted to us freely and deliberately by site users. We collect and use this information in the following ways:


Electronics Infoline will not share e-mail addresses or contact information we collect through our website with any third parties unless required by law. If you send us an e-mail message, we may keep that message, your e-mail address, and any other data submitted with the message.

Credit Card Information

Electronics Infoline never store any Credit Card Number or associated information, or they are NEVER shared with any third parties. They are also never used for any other transactions. In fact, at this moment, we do not ask you to submit your Credit Card information at anywhere of our site. For PayPal payment, you are directly taken to their SECURE  websites before you enter any Credit Card information. This works the same way for products displayed from any other website.


Electronics Infoline uses cookies on this website. We utilize cookie technology to enhance and customize your experience. Cookies contain no personally identifying information.

Server Logs

Server logs capture certain non-personally identifying data, such as the time and date of a web visit, the browser and operating system being used, the IP address or domain name of the user’s ISP, and the web URL a user linked from. This information is used generally to help us plan system enhancements when necessary and to provide content which is compatible with our visitors’ web browsing systems. No sensitive personal information is captured or stored without your consent.