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Nine Amazing Gadgets You Can Buy To Make Your Life Easier

Nine Amazing Gadgets You Can Buy To Make Your Life Easier

2) Lifestraw Go Plastic Water Purifier Bottle

Nine Amazing Gadgets You Can Buy To Make Your Life Easier 4

If you frequently travel, perhaps you have faced a lot of issue with the availability of drinking water at hotels. Hotel water is notorious and it may not be always healthy to drink it directly. And most of the time you are forced to buy those expensive bottled drinking waters.

Things become even worse if you are a road-warrior and go on trekking. Drinking water becomes a real headache.

And in this situation, Lifestraw comes to save your life.

The Lifestraw Go is a lightweight, sturdy, and BPA free water purifier bottle. Whether you are camping at a far remote place or climbing the high mountain ranges of the great Himalayas, this water filter bottle can be the best companion for you.

Developed by Vestergaard, a Switzerland based company, this product uses hollow fiber membrane water filtration technology that removes up to 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa.

So, you can even fill it with water from a river or pond and drink it directly. It’s that effective and safe.
And moreover, you can support a poor child in Africa, who will receive an entire year of clean drinking water, if you purchase a bottle.





  • Filter Type: Hollow Fiber Membrane
  • Filter Capacity: 1000 Liters (264 Gallons)
  • Bottle Capacity: 650 ML
  • What It Removes: Waterborne bacteria and protozoa.
  • Material: Food grade plastic as per US FDA standards and food-grade silicon (for bite valve)
  • What You Get: One Water Purifier Bottle, One Filter


What You Will Love About the Lifestraw Go Bottle


  1. You will not need to spend money on buying water bottles while traveling or camping as this bottle can filter the water from a river, stream, or tap.
  2. With a weight of 109 grams, this bottle is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. It is ideal for hiking, camping, and traveling.
  3. This bottle is made from BPA-free Tritan so that it can withstand against harsh conditions.
  4. It has two-stage filters. As per the company’s product page, the filters will last up to 4 years. After that, you need to replace the filters only, not the whole bottle.
  5. You need to fill the bottle with water, screw on the lid and filter and sip the filtered water through the mouthpiece. Flush the filter membranes and blowback the dirty water from the bottle after use.



Nine Amazing Gadgets You Can Buy To Make Your Life Easier 5


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