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Eight Useful Android Apps for Electronics and Electrical Engineers

Eight Useful Android Apps for Electronics and Electrical Engineers


7) Ohm’s Law

Developed by Red Binery, Ohm’s Law is an Android app which has two common calculators for the electrical/electronic engineers. The two calculators include Ohm’s law calculator and Watt’s law calculator.

As we know the formula of Ohm’s law states;

V = I x R


V = Voltage (Volts)

I = Current (Amp)


R = Resistance (Ohm)

Let’s check this with the screenshots of the application I installed on my Phone.



This is the screen which is displayed at the time when you open the app. It shows four boxes and their respective entities including Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power. You have to add any two values available on the field and then mark the checkbox ahead of them. Then click on calculate, and you will see the answer.

This app is a simple calculator for Ohm’s law to get the desired values from the inputs. So, it does not have any menu button or any other functionality. Just enter two input values, check the boxes, and then click on calculate. As simple as you can do. It also has a feature to lock the input values, so you can change one value by making another input value as static to check the differences in the output.


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