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How to build a coin tosser

How to build a coin tosser

I was sitting in a brightly lit room in New York.

People were looking over at me, trying to figure out what I was doing.

In front of me on the table, I had a breadboard and a bunch of components.

My goal was to build a coin tosser, without making it too complicated.

First, I connected a 555 timer circuit to oscillate with a frequency of a few thousand times a second.

(Here’s a great site with info on the 555 timer:

Then I connected the output from the oscillator circuit into the clock input of a D flip-flop. And I connected the inverted output from the flip-flop into its input.

Two LEDs represented “heads” and “tails” for the electronic coin.

I added a pushbutton that would start the oscillator circuit whenever pushed.

And voila!


I had a coin tosser.

Then a friend came over. He said he was struggling to decide what he wanted for lunch. So I let him use my coin tosser to decide.

What I built wasn’t very complicated.

But if you have little or no experience building circuits, it’s hard to know where to start when you want to build that idea of yours.

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