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PIC18LF2550 Wireless 3-axis Accelerometer

PIC18LF2550 Wireless 3-axis Accelerometer

Making the accelerometers wireless would allow for remote sensing of object orientation, which could be applied to virtual reality or possibly augmented cognition. In any case, it allows for some fun experimentation!
To sense the position of the board, I used 3 single axis accelerometers in an X-Y-Z configuration. I used two MMA2260D Low-G X-axis accelerometers and one MMA1260D Low-G Z-axis accelerometer. The two X-axis accelerometers were positioned in an X-Y configuration and the Z-axis accelerometer was used to sense gravity in the Z-direction. The resistors below the accelerometers are used as a voltage divider so that the PIC, which is running at 3V, can read the voltage, which will vary from 0V to 2.5V. With this configuration, for each accelerometer 1.85V is +1G, 1.25V is 0G, and 0.65V is -1G.


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