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Outdoor 3-Way Speaker Sound System

Outdoor 3-Way Speaker Sound System

This is a active speaker construction that works on a 12V battery. The speaker gives you the opportunity to throw a party on any given location.The first part of the instructable consist of making the speaker box. The second part consist of installing the speakers and the amplifiers.
To determine the size of your speaker boxes you got to have the speaker drivers. For the material of the speaker box best use MDF, it’s heavy but relatively cheap and it has a high level of density which makes it perfect for speaker boxes.
Saw the MDF into the right dimensions and put these together using the nails the screws and the glue.
Use braces to prevent the box from flexing. A brace is a piece of wood inside of the box. There are different ways a speaker can be braced.
For the making of the speaker holes you need a jigsaw. Put the actual speaker on the place where you want the hole to be.
Now you can assemble the parts.The author has put the top in a little deeper so and covered the sides with a little piece of wood.
For the total of 7 speakers I use 3 amplifiers. One for the bass, one for the mids and one for the tweeters. Since the bass uses the most power, it’s recommandeble to give the bass the amplifier with the highest output.


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