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Nokia 3310 PCD8544 Based Graphical LCD Demo

Nokia 3310 PCD8544 Based Graphical LCD Demo

The Nokia 3310 is based on a PCD8544 Controller. This is one cool graphical LCD. Not only it is easy to programme, the Nokia 3310 LCD also consumes low power.
There are quite a few source codes available out there on how to control the LCD with a PIC. One good instance can be found in Michel Bavin’s website ( His firmware was coded in CCS-C. He has done a great job by providing good explainations on the functions of his Nokia 3310 LCD codes. I do not have CCS-C, therefore I decided to translate some of his codes to Hi-Tech C and add alittle features to it. Both codes uses ‘bit-banging’ SPI.


There, the picture to the left is another snapshot of it. Here, I added a function to plot a smooth continuous line and its plot time is surprisingly rather fast. There’s also the typical bar plot as shown below. The firmware provided here runs a demo program at main( ) to generate random numbers and plotting them on the LCD using both bar and continuously line plot. Simply adjust the delay in the programme to control the speed of the plot. It’s cool to see animation, rather than a still picture.

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