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Nine Amazing Things you can do with your Tablets

Nine Amazing Things you can do with your Tablets


Tablets are gadgets embedding a whole lot more that life itself is yet to reveal. Their processor speed and super multifunctional abilities gives you a hedge ahead of the game when working or just surfing the internet at leisure. Here are nine things your tablet (irrespective of the operating system) can do that you may not have known.

1. DSLR Camera Tethering.



Image credit: Ken Doo Photography.

It is much more versatile to compose a shot using a big screen like a tablet that the small, inbuilt screen or viewfinder of the camera. In this case, you can use your tablet as a giant screen to compose a real-time shot for more perfection. You will need to hook up your tablet to your DSLR by some means. That is ‘Tethering’.

Tethering (wired or wireless) from a tablet with a DSLR camera with the use of powerful applications like iPhoto for Mac or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom brings satisfactory processing pleasures and of course photography and its associates becomes fun.


Console controller connection with Bluetooth or cable

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