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NEW PRODUCT – Freetronics SimpleBot Shield Kit for Arduino

NEW PRODUCT – Freetronics SimpleBot Shield Kit for Arduino

If you’re interested in making your own robot, or have heard about NodeBots and want to join in the fun – now you can with the new Freetronics SimpleBot Shield Kit for Arduino:

Once assembled, the SimpleBot Shield gives you an excellent platform for building an interactive robot or NodeBot and features:

  • Ultrasonic rangefinder sensor for obstacle avoidance.
  • Light dependent resistor (LDR) wired for ambient light sensing, or to use lights for signalling.
  • Four full colour RGB WS2812 “NeoPixel”-type LEDs – one for each corner of the robot.
  • Servo headers, including two headers to attach “continuous rotation servos” to use as motors.
  • An on-board 6V power supply for optimal servo performance

Getting started is easy – the SimpleBot shield fits neatly over your Freetronics Eleven or other Arduino-compatible, and can also be used with your Raspberry Pi in conjunction with a Freetronics PiLeven board:


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