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Multi Function Led Display

Multi Function Led Display

A Multifunction Led Display is the easiest way to create your own information system display .This display is a kind of colored LEDs controller through the parallel port using a very, really very easy scheme.

The software is a Perl script under GNU(GLP) license and works only under GNU with Linux .This version display 3 system views
modes: a Binary Clock (Only for Geeks), a Memory Status Bar and HDD Status Bar, the script have a auto mode to change the system
views (10 seconds Binary Clock,4 seconds Memory Status Bar and 4 seconds HDD Status Bar).


Display Led Modes
The software provides 3 Display or views modes, and change automatically this modes, The initial mode is a Binary Hour mode and the default time is for a 10 seconds, the next is a Bar Memory Status Mode and display it for a 4 seconds and the last mode for a 4 seconds more is a Bar HDD Status Mode. 
Feel free to change ,improve ,delete etc.. display times or mode

Binary Hour Mode
Binary Hour Mode display a binary hour ,minutes and seconds (ON/OFF) . You are in this mode when ORANGE LED turns ON/OFF every second
The upper RED LED is a HOUR number, and have these values for led position (8,4,2,1) to get the hour add the ON leds values ,the down leds line
is a MINUTES and have (32,16,8,4,2,1) values for led position, add the ON leds values to get the Minute.

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