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MS Mic Version 2

MS Mic Version 2

This mic uses two Panasonic WM-55A103 cardioid electret capsules whose outputs are combined to form a figure eight mic for the side output, and a front-firing electret for the mid output. It has a stereo matrixing cicuit with adjustable width and a built-in preamp with adjustable gain providing a line level unbalanced output.
With the mic head mounted directly on the case, the mic is very sensitive to handling noise and floor-transmitted noise. I used a length of five-conductor-plus-shield-and-drain cable and DIN connectors to make an extension cord so I could use the mic with a conventional mic stand. The capsules are a bit sensitive to hum pickup, so I made an enclosure out of brass mesh. The mesh assembly should not be soldered directly to the DIN connector because this results in a VERY resonant structure, almost like a tuning fork. I wrapped the top of the DIN connector with weather stripping and fitted the mesh enclosure over that. The mesh is grounded to the DIN connector with a piece of wire and a wrapping of electrical tape completes the assembly.


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