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Motion Triggered Spy Cam

Motion Triggered Spy Cam

Now you can do secret surveillance with this caught-in-motion spy video cam that records covert video and audio.
What You Need
1. Motion Sensing Door Chime.
2. Mini Spy Cam DVR
3. 200uF Capacitor
4. Any Reed Relay
5. Diode 1N4001, 1N4007, etc.
6. Momentary Switch
Prepare the Motion Sensor
Disasemble the Motion Sensor. There is opnly one screw under the battery compartment. Remove it and then pry apart the case.
Assemble the Components
Time to assemble the components that link the motion sensor and the DVR.
Prepare the DVR
This is tricky. On the end of the mini DVR is a super-micro push button switch that must be de-soldered and removed. This may require an assistant to carefully lift up on each side with a tiny screwdriver as you heat the contacts. Once the switch is removed, solder two leads to the two contacts. Then wire the two leads to the outside contact on the reed relay.
Then Test it Out


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