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Modifying a Laptop BIOS for Fun and Profit

Modifying a Laptop BIOS for Fun and Profit

We will analyze and modify a laptop BIOS image for fun and profit. Note that this is stupidly dangerous: a bad flash and we shall end up with a doorstop, or we shall have to remove the chip and reflash it manually.
Don’t follow this hack! You could destroy your laptop! Only risk what you can afford to lose. As well, don’t be fooled by the success of my hack.. There are probably BIOS’s out there that do their CRC check internally on every boot, and if the value is incorrect it won’t boot up.. and this is something you’d only learn of after flashing the bad image! As well, many BIOS images when downloaded are probably compressed, leading to a much harder chase for something as trivial as changing the splashscreen. You’ve been warned.


When I turn on my laptop, I’m greeted with a splashscreen advertising TOSHIBA. I’d like to change it to something custom to show off my elite-ness, so I’ve obtained a BIOS image from the Toshiba support page.

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