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Model Railroad Odometer Car

Model Railroad Odometer Car

The Car shows the distance a train travels on a 5 digit LCD display. The distance is indicated down to 1 of 100th of a mile (about the length of a 50 foot car) with an accuracy of approximately plus 2 percent using a standard 33 inch freight car wheel.
Simply stated, the Odometer Car counts the number of revolutions of one of the axles, divides it by six and displays the result on the counter module.

Odometer Parts List

COUNTER MODULE – Radio Shack part number 277-302 (see notes)


OM1 – Infrared Emitter/Detector module

TIL 139 (see notes)

IC1a, IC1b – 1/2 of LM393 Dual Comparator

IC2 – MC4017B Decade Counter/Divider

R1 – 470 ohm 1/4-watt

R2, R5 – 470K ohm 1/4-watt

R3, R4, R6, R7 – 22K ohm 1/4-watt

C1, C2 – 0.1uF

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