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MiniPOV v2

MiniPOV v2

This project is a second revision of the MiniPOV. This version changes from the PIC 16F630 chip to the Atmel ATtiny2313, which is a little more expensive but has many improved features.
The microcontroller used for the MiniPOV2 is an Atmel 20-pin RISC device called the ATtiny2313. This chip was chosen because it is the cheapest one that has an internal oscillator (no external crystal/clock necessary) and enough I/O pins to give every LED a pin.


The MiniPOV2 kit comes with a 2xAA battery case. The resistor values were chosen with the expectation that you’ll use alkalines, but rechargables should be OK too. In fact, any high-capacity 2.5 to 5VDC supply can be used (but certainly not a 9V!). Of course, if the voltage goes up, the choke resistors for the LED have to be larger to keep the same brightness.

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