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Method of prototyping your first circuit

Method of prototyping your first circuit

A very good Prototyping / Breadboarding Tutorial with lots of do’s and don’ts.
1) The soldering iron tip should be tinned and clean 

2) Use a wet sponge to clean the tip 

3) Heat the pieces to be soldered together hot enough to melt the solder. Of course melting solder on to those pieces will help to speed up this heating process. —see next step

4) In one simultaneous motion: as you apply the solder to the “joint” use the iron to help melt the solder and release the rosin flux (in the solder core) to allow ‘wetting’  action of the molten solder to FLOW into the joint; it should ‘wick’ into the joint. 

5) If you have done it correctly, the soldered joint will SHINE and appear as if it has flowed; as opposed to beading up. The surface tension of the melted solder is what we are talking about–just like water. Until the beading breaks and flows, the soldering operation is not complete.


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