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Make Your Own Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun

Make Your Own Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun

Sick of losing at paintball? Need a novel way to deter trespassers? Enjoy making cool projects? This Arduino powered sentry gun tracks, shoots and aims entirely autonomously! A computer interprets the video feed from a webcam and sends control signals to an Arduino, which interfaces between the computer, and the servo motors that aim the robot. The project runs on free, open source software and is very well documented.


Furthermore, if you would rather build a Nerf sentry gun this project is entirely adaptable. If you aren’t impressed enough already, the system developed in this project is even used during Australian Navy training! With some effort there is no reason why you couldn’t be added to the long list of people who have successfully completed their own sentry guns. To get started on this impressive project check out the Project Sentry Gun website.