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Make a pi necklace

Make a pi necklace

Pi is the name of the number you get when you divide the circumference distance around the outside of a circle by its diameter distance across it. No matter how big or how small a circle is, the value of pi is always the same.
Pi is an amazing number, it goes on forever! Pi is an irrational number, one that cannot be defined as a
Pi is approximately equal to 3.14159 but has an infinite number of decimal places; the latest calculations are to an amazing 1.24 trillion digits!
What’s more, the digits that make up pi don’t seem to follow any pattern at all, but if you count up how many of each digit is represented in the first 100 decimal places, you find they all occur around the same number of times – between 8 and 13.
More generally, pi is used in everything from classroom maths through to high-level engineering, architecture and computing.
Pi is also crucial to many aspects of scientific research – from representing the structure of DNA to checking the accuracy of a super computer. Because pi is known to millions of decimal places, you can check the accuracy of the computer by asking it to calculate pi to this many places, and then check the results against the known digits


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