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Low Cost Serial Port Temperature Sensors

Low Cost Serial Port Temperature Sensors

Here is a low cost temperature sensor which can be connected to a PC via its serial port, allowing the PC to monitor and record temperatures. GregM and Martin researched various options for low-cost temperature sensors which could be easily interfaced to a PC, and came across the DS18S20, a 1-wire parasite-power digital thermometer sensor made by Maxim-Dallas.
It’s a very small sensor, in a TO-92 package, with a temperature range of -55 degrees to +125 degrees Celsius (with 0.5 degrees C accuracy between -10 degrees and +85 degrees Celsius), and requires minimal circuitry to interface it to a PC’s serial port.


Software for communicating with these temperature sensors is readily available for both linux and Windows.

Multiple DS18S20 temperature sensors can be connected in parallel, as they have unique 64-bit addresses, and can be individually queried on a 1-wire bus.

Note that the DS18S20 temperature sensors have “DS1820” written on them, but they are actually the DS18S20 – for some reason, Maxim haven’t updated the details stamped on each sensor.

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