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Low cost ECG Tester

Low cost ECG Tester

In the developing world, engineers do not have adequate resources to properly repair medical equipment. The development of a low cost electrocardiogram (ECG) tester would greatly enhance an engineer ability to debug problems in current ECG machines.
This project seeks to create a low cost alternative to current ECG simulators that, despite its low cost, is compatible with the interface of different ECG machines.


Because of the poor economic situation and lack of medical resources in the developing world, this device must cost less than $4 in quantities of 500, achieve minimal maintenance and considerable longevity. Specifically, this device must output a normal sinus rhythm waveform including the P wave, QRS complex and T wave at varying heart rates as well as a 1 mVpp sine wave in order to test the function and the frequency response of the ECG machine. The target heart rates for the device are 40, 70, 130, 190 bpm and the target sine frequencies are 1, 5, 10 and 50 Hz. The main goals of this project are to create a safe, reliable, low cost device which can simulate the normal sinus rhythm of the heart. Addition of the sine wave output and varying pulse rates would improve the product and are desired, but will be completed if time and resources permit. Through the development of this device, engineers will have a more effective way to identify problems with ECG machines and subsequently test repairs made to malfunctioning ECG machines.

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