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LED sign based on the ATtiny2313 AVR microcontroller

LED sign based on the ATtiny2313 AVR microcontroller

The idea is to let a text scroll over the LED dot-matrix displays.
The scanning goes as follows, first set the rows data on the 7 rows e.g. 1010010, then activate (0 or 1 -> depends on which type CA = common cathode, or CC = common anode) the first column, now these LEDs (dots) will lit, wait 5 msec, then switch the column off, now load the next rows data, and set the second column on, wait 5 msecs again, and switch it off again, if you repeat this sequence very fast, you will see the data (character data) appear on the display (refresh frequency 40 – 70Hz is ok, don’t take twice or half the artificial light-frequency of 50/60 Hz) The rows data comes e.g. from the EEPROM or flash memory of the AVR, you can also take an external EEPROM/flash IC, the ATtiny2313 has 128 bytes EEPROM and 2k of flash memory, what you can do is put the character data (ASCII) into the flash memory.

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