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LED Picture Boxes

LED Picture Boxes

Here is a little LED project which the writer has made using a couple simple items. You just hang them up, and watch them light.You had the Throwies, the Floaties, now…The LED Picture Boxes.
Now its time to make your paper box. Here is the template that the writer has used. It took a few tries, but then he mastered it to make a few. Paper Cube Design Template You can use glue or tape, either or, they both work great. Make sure that you do not close the top. You will stick the LED in here, so do not tape the whole thing shut yet.

Put a picture onto the template, where the white boxes were. As seen in the end product. You can put your name, a picture of yourself, Instructables Robot, anything.
Then take an LED, and get your 3V coin battery.
Use electrical tape the attach the battery to the LED.
Now place the LED in the box, and close it up like your did the other flaps.
Now your box should be glowing.
You can display these boxes anywhere! I put a paper clip hook on some of mine, and they look great!
Put them up in my room with my name, and some other pictures.
LEDs last for a long time, so you can keep these up and show them off to your friends and family!


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