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LED Light Drawing Pens

LED Light Drawing Pens

In this instructables the author has described the art of light drawing. He went hunting for parts at the local electronics and hardware stores and came up with what turned out to be a simple and versatile tool that resulted in some incredible art. Thus he made the LED Light Drawing Pens: Tools for drawing light doodles.
Parts List for creating a blue light pen
Plastic Tubing – 5/8″ outside diameter – 1/2″ inside diameter
Plastic Tubing – 1/2″ outside diameter – 3/8″ inside diameter
1 Normally Open Switch
1 20 ohm Resistor – size is determined using Ohm’s law
3 1.5 volt Button Batteries
Heat shrink tubing
24 gauge wire
Electrician’s tape
The back of the LED package provides the information we need to properly build the working circuit. Use this information to determine which type and quantity of battery and what size resistor to use.
This blue LED requires a 4.0 Forward Voltage Drop (Vf) to light.
It will pass 25 milliamps of Current (If).
Three 1.5 volt batteries in series will supply 4.5 volts.
Cut an appropriate length of the 5/8″ OD tubing and cut a hole close to one end to accomadate the switch. Keep in mind how the pen will fit in your hand and where your finger will lie to operate the button. Solder the LED, the resistor and the wires in series. Remember the resistor can be placed anywhere in the circuit.
Add the Switch
Feed the wires through the 5/8″ tube, one through the hole and solder the switch inline.
Continue feeding all wires through the tube. Squeeze the switch into the cutout hole.Squeeze the 1/2″ tube into the 5/8″ tube.
Finally add the batteries.
Then you have the Finished product and drawing examples can be seen from the light drawing websites.


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