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Learn about liver

Learn about liver

Livers contain enzymes a type of protein. Enzymes can help a reaction to happen, or to happen more quickly.
The liver has many enzymes to help it break down harmful toxins, such as hydrogen peroxide, in the body. The enzyme that is needed to break down hydrogen peroxide is called catalase. Once the chemical reaction occEnzymes are found in abundance in living organisms, from animals to plants and even viruses.


They help us with a whole bunch of activities, from moving our muscles to digesting our food. Fireflies even have an enzyme called luciferase to help them generate lighturs, all that is left is harmless water and bubbles of oxygen gas.

There are plenty of laundry detergents that contain enzymes. All detergents aim to remove dirt and stains, but enzymes can target particular types of dirt and stains. For example, the enzymes protease and lipase can break down food stains made of fat or protein

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