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Laptop Mini Wireless Antenna

Laptop Mini Wireless Antenna

A small antenna to boost the signal of a laptop wireless card, that can be stuck to the back of the laptop screen.
I also tried building it with even less tools than last time, so all you really need is

* 300mm (1 foot) or rg58 cable
* pen knife
* ruler
* small wirecutters
* masking tape (any adhesive tape should do)
* soldering iron and solder


The rg58 cable has a velocity factor of 0.66 , which is the same as for the rg213 cable I used to make the original larger antenna. This means that I can reuse all of the dimensions I had previously calculated of 41mm for each half wave sector and 31mm for the quarter wave whip. The first step is to make the 1/4 wave whip, you need to cut off 31mm of the outside covering and shielding.

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