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Jumping robot leg

Jumping robot leg

Ben Katz documented his robotic leg project:


Here are the python scripts that send serial commands to the motor controllers.
Here are the eagle files, gerbers, and BOM for the motor controllers and sensor boards. When I sent the boards to 3PCB, the text the motor controllers got all scrambled so keep that in mind. At this point I’ve built up three of each board, and they all work. I haven’t even blown up a single FET yet, in all of my motor control derping so far.
Here are my CAD files for the motor, gearbox, motor module, and leg. Requires Solidworks 2015-2016 to open. Many of the gearbox files have HSMWorks CAM in them, so you’ll need the full version of HSMWorks to view the CAM. There’s also a list of the gears I got from KHK and the post-machining I did on them.

Full details at BuildIts in Progress blog.