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Jean Hiraga’s Super Class-A Amplifier

Jean Hiraga’s Super Class-A Amplifier

Dan has put together a great looking amplifier which is based on Jean Hiragas popular article The Monster. Dan has used the original board layout, transistors and JFETs noted in the article. However, he did make some changes to the power supply. Instead of a battery,his power supply is regulated.
Dan did the case work by hand, it is sand blasted aluminum. 3 mm rear panel, 4 mm base panel and lid with a 10 mm front panel. The Heat sinks are approx 350 x 180 x 35 mm. The fasteners are mainly countersunk stainless M5 and the front panel has hidden fixings with a single 3 mm blue led to indicate power is on.
Sound – Jean Hiraga’s Class-A 8W Amplifier
You will be very pleased with the sonic results of this amplifier. Even using fairly standard 3 way speakers in a large room, surprisingly there is ample power. What strikes the most is the ability of this amplifier to differentiate between instruments and noises in the sound stage. This clarity is what is achieved by Jean Hiraga’s deceptively simple and pure circuit topology.


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