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IrDA interface for your mainboard

IrDA interface for your mainboard

Many modern mainboards have an irda connector onboard, but the required transceiver is often missing. if you cannot find the exactly fitting module for your mainboard, you can probably use a module from another mainboard if you connect it in the right way. Thus here is the way of how you can build your own irda module.
All you need is a irda transceiver and some resistors and capacitors. for my mainboard, an asus p/i-p55t2p4, i used a tfds4500 transceiver, available e.g. from conrad electronic, 18 13 31, DM 11.95 the following component values are from the datasheet. component value C1
4.7 ¡F, tantalum C2
0.1 ¡F, ceramic R1
14 ohm, 0.25W R2
47 ohm, 0.125W


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