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iPod Dock Extender

iPod Dock Extender

Here is how to build an dock extension cable for iPod that would allow you to connect your iPod to a dock without having to put the iPod directly on the docking cradle.
You see, if you’ve put any kind of case on your iPod there’s a good chance that it no longer fits on the dock. This is true for my iPod and the iSkin it is in. The idea for the extension cable is to have a female iPod connector on one end and a male iPod connector on the other…a flexible extension of the dock cradle.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of making one of these cables for awhile, poking at the connector docs for a few weeks now. Tonight I got around to doing it. It’s a bit more tedious soldering than the aux input cable, but doesn’t require any special circuitry so didn’t take quite as long to figure out.


The supplies…a male and female iPod connector, available from Ridax or Sparkfun. You’ll also need a multi-conductor cable, depending on what features you want to have available through the cable. For my cable I want everything that the iPod has when docked on the Bose SoundDock. This is audio, charging, and some minimal control (pause, next/previous track).

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