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IO-Link Quad Servo Driver

IO-Link Quad Servo Driver



The MAXREFDES37# IO-Link® servo driver provides 5V power, four PWM outputs and four digital inputs for control of up to four 5V servo motors. IO-Link offers the ability to replace pneumatic actuators, and their compressed air lines, in industrial applications. With added level translation, the digital inputs allow for interfacing to binary position or status sensors. This design unveils a completely new application to the industrial segment with potential to disrupt the traditional pneumatic methods used today.


Onboard, standard 3-pin headers allow quick connection to off-the-shelf 5V servo motors. The MAXREFDES37# comes with a HiTec HS-53 servo motor. Push-in terminal blocks allow simple connection to 5V digital inputs, power, ground, and also access to all four PWM channels. The onboard rugged male M12-4 connector allows for a standard connection to any compliant IO-Link master. The MAXREFDES37# utilizes Technologie Management Gruppe Technologie und Engineering’s (TMG TE) IO-Link device stack. Maxim Integrated recommends using the MAXREFDES79# IO-Link master with simple-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) program for easy verification using a Windows® PC.




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