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How to remove Canon A540 or A530 ir cut filter

How to remove Canon A540 or A530 ir cut filter

This tutorial will show you how to disassemble a Canon A540 or A530 to the sensor to remove the ir cut filter.
couple of notes:

– there is 300 volts or so inside the camera. canon has done a pretty good job shielding those areas, and I haven’t gotten shocked even though my fingers have been everywhere, but be careful anyway. it’s enough energy to kill you several times if you’re unlucky.
– you may end up with an ir sensitive camera, or you may end up buying a new camera.

remove the ir cut filter (looks pinkish). you will need to move the sensor back slightly by approx 0.1 mm as removing the glass filter changes the optical path… there are two ways that I can think of:


1. include the springs as you reassemble the sensor. screw the sensor down all the way, and loosen the screws by an equal amount to move the sensor back. glue to secure it

2. prepare three focus spacers out of a thin material (plastic, metal) and screw the sensor on top of that. you don’t need the springs if you do this.

clean the sensor and the area near the ir filter, and reassemble everything. everything should work if you didn’t break anything. have fun with your now ir sensitive cam

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