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How to Optimize Usage of SAM S70/E70/V7x Architecture

How to Optimize Usage of SAM S70/E70/V7x Architecture

The purpose of this application note is to understand the architecture Cortex®-M7 processor and the Atmel® | SMART SAM S70/E70/V7x devices and how to tune an application code to benefit from it and maximize performance.


Firstly a short introduction on the Cortex-M7 core will be made with details on the implementation done in SAM S70/E70/V7x devices. Then the document will focus on the architecture of the SAM S70/E70/V7x itself. The last part of the application note will explain how to enable and properly use the features previously introduced. A concrete example will be used to illustrate it: an application code performing FFT computation will be successively executed out of different memories to have a better understanding on the impact on performance.