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How to Make Anything (Using Acrylic and Machine Screws)

How to Make Anything (Using Acrylic and Machine Screws)

It is a technique we call Interlocking TBolt Construction. It consists of a Tcutout in one piece of acrylic or any 3 mm stock and a receptacle in another piece. These pieces can then be bolted together making a very secure 90 degree joint
Before we start a simple drawing programme is required. Something like Corel Draw, or Adobe Illustrator will work. But we recommend an open source equivalent, Inkscape.

When designing anything its important to take into account the properties of your chosen production method. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing with Interlocking T-Bolt.


We think a good size window to consider using this method for ranges from about computer mouse on the small end to a loaf of bread on the larger. Of course other sizes are possible, but much larger you get into prohibitively expensive laser cutting costs, and much smaller you start having issues with bolt clearances

Acrylic is quite a hard plastic and as such sharp corners can lead to an object that feels quite rough and angular. To combat this we like to round all corners

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