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How to make a Solar USB charger

How to make a Solar USB charger

Make a solar usb charger that out puts about 6v and is perfect for charging anthing that uses USB.
1x USB extension a/a cable
1x Any Diode
1x 6v Solar panel
Soldering iron
1x Project box
Electrical Tape
Glue Gun or tape to hold the peices in place.
Getting ready
Cut the USB extender cable towards the bigger side. Leave an inch (or two if you want) and then cut off the shielding and get rid of everything except the red and black wire
Time to solder
You need to solder the Diode to the red wire from the solar panel then the red wire from your extension cable to the diode.
Now you just need to drill a hole for your cables to go through on top (from the solar panel) and another hole for the cable.
Glue it together.
This is the last step. Just put glue around the extension cable and on tp of your project box to glue on the solar panel and your done Test it out


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