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How to make a PCB

How to make a PCB

This project will explain how you make your own PCB. You will be amazed how easy it is and how good the result will be. All you need is so get some basic stuff and time for experimenting.
Measuring the components
Use a measuring tool to measure the size of the components
Design of the board layout using CAM350
There are many drawing program you can use for PCB and you can fin many free programs on the internet.a software called CAM350. It is not a complete development tool, it is just a basic drawing tool where you can draw lines, circles, square and make a component library yourself.
Printing the negative plastic film
When the design is ready just print it out on a laser printer. Use transparent plastic film. The dark area will be cooper and the transparent area will be spacing. In this way the dark area will be really black so no UV light can pass later.You must be accurate when you place the two films on top of eachother. A small shift will give blurry lines of the board.
Glasses and weights
You can use any ordinary glass. Enough UV will still pass through the glass. Then comes the board. On to the board are the two films and finally on top of that place another glass.To the left and right you place two weights.They are placed there to press on the glasses so the film will be close to the board. Exposing/developing the board
Place the board with the 2 glasses under the UV-lamp. Areas of the PCB exposed to the UV light (through the film) are turned into a protective plastic film. 3-4 minutes will give good results. After 3-4 minutes turn off the UV-lamp and remove the board to let it cool down. It needs to cool down because it is quit hot (30-40 degree Celcius) and if you put a hot board into the developing liquid (water solution of NaOH) the reaction will got to fast and you loose the lines. Etch the board
There are several different solution used for etching. Buy a etch kit with powder.The etching process will be fastest when the solution is warm.Put the board into a plastic jar filled with etch solution.Then put the jar into a pan with water. Warm the pan on the stove until the water almost boils.The heat will transfer into the jar and the etching process will work great. Shake the jar to speed up the etching time. The etching time is about 5-10 minutes.
Finished board
Here you can see the finished circuit boards with edges and lines sharp as razorblade. All you need to do now is to clean the board with Acetone to remove the protective plastic film.


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