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How To Create a Rechargable LED Flashlight

How To Create a Rechargable LED Flashlight

Using electromagnets, a small-scale LED flashlight can be produced.With the setup for the Tic-Tac flashlight, the voltage produced by the magnet alone may not be enough to power up the LED. It is possible that the only reason the LED lit up was due to the rechargable battery not being completely empty in the first place.
The following steps are: This just calls for building a tube wherein your choice of magnet can move freely within. You can use pretty much anything (even rolled up cardboard would work) for the tube; just make sure that the tubes are stable. Basically, the magnet in the set-up will pass through two coils in order to increase the generated current. Each coil should be composed of winding the 20mm wire 600 times. This is perhaps the most boring and time-consuming part, but it is crucial, as this is how the electricity will be generated. What is important to consider is that the coil should be larger than the diameter of the wire in order for the maximum voltage to be generated. The speed at which the magnet passes through the coils will determine the electricity generated. So, obviously, shake more rapidly, and you’ll get light from the LED.


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