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How to build any USB gadget

How to build any USB gadget

It was sunny outside.

About two years ago.

Norway isn’t a very sunny country, so when the sun is shining I need to take advantage of that.

So I made myself a little wall of cardboard to protect my laptop screen from the sunlight. This way, I could sit in the sun while working.

I was working on the firmware for an HDMI touch screen.

The USB protocol was new to me, so I spent a lot of time reading about it…

…then testing out what I read, using the open source library LUFA.


And the result was the Manga Screen (

If you want to build your own custom USB gadget, here are the steps you need to take. I’ve added links for more info on each step:

1. Learn basic electronics and start building some circuits:

2. Learn to use a microcontroller:

3. Learn how the USB protocol works

4. Learn to use the LUFA library:

Keep on Soldering!

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