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How to Build a Robot

How to Build a Robot

One of my many robots was the beetle robot, a VERY simple robot that can avoid obstacles on the floor without ANY silicon chip the red ladybug use a home made PCB carve with a dremel and two playstation motors with rubber wheel from a walkman,
This Instructable is divided into three parts
– You will learn how to build the robot
– I will explain how the robot works
– I will then teach you how to fix your robot if it does not work ( Debugging )
Don’t forget to read the complete tutorial before starting! And remember to wear safety glasses at all time because eye injuries ain’t worth the risk! It will happen in a blick of an eyes


SPDT swiths need to be really sensitive! I have order some the order day that where to hard to activated, that might cause some problems and the robot might not even avoid obstacles but rather hug them until death. These swiths are the most expensive part of the robot… around 1$ to 4$ each. The one I use are from Cherryr walker and he made a complete chapter with my robot!! He send me the book call ” Absolute beginner’s guide to building robots” A very great book

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