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Homemade Paper

Homemade Paper

Already recycled paper (post-consumer) is the best for achieving durable yet flexible handmade paper. One use for the material is creating small pallets for produce, like apples. It keeps the individual fruits or vegetables from bouncing around ontop or into one another during transport.
You will only need the mold/deckle, a household sponge, one “apple pallet”, a mixing spatula, and a blender.
The mold/deckle can be created using old picture frames or even just scrap wood you have lying around. To create my deckle, I used a screenprinting frame by removing the silkscreen and replacing it with a nylon-type mesh used for screen-windows. The mesh is relatively cheap and durable. For the mold, I used an old picture frame.Any household sponge will work.
Place the blending pitcher on the base and turn the blender on.The material and water mix should have the consistency of a thick soup.
Then set up your mold and deckle,Pour your mixture directly onto the deckle, keeping it within the mold’s edges. Make sure you pour the mixture as evenly as possible
Press your sponge down with gentle force. You will hear the water draining from the mixture as you apply force. Make sure you spot-press the sponge and don’t drag it across the mesh. Dragging the sponge will pull the mixture through the mesh
The newly recycled sheet of paper is to place it flat between 2 pieces of nylon mesh, preferably with the top piece having weight around its edges so the sheet dries flat.


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