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Homemade EEG & EKG (ECG) Schematics

Homemade EEG & EKG (ECG) Schematics

I have successfully used this device with model TD-429H Reusable EEG Electrodes from, but check around: there seem to be a handful of companies out there with cheap deals. Every once in awhile it seems like one of the electrodes dies, but you can get a whole bunch for pretty cheap, so maybe it averages out alright over time. AND: it must be noted that on my device, I used typical female pin jacks, however the electrodes mentioned above come with some weird and incompatible pin leads; PLUS, the company sells some very expensive adaptors that were supposed to fit my standard jacks, but didn’t. Instead, after getting the electrodes, I ordered some standard pin leads for super cheap, and replaced the funky ones with the standard ones. It seemed to work fine.
Also, instead of using the standard electrode collars which seem to be incredibly hard to keep attached to the body, I have actually found it much easier to just use clear bandaging tape that you can get in the first aid section of any pharmacy.


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