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Homemade Digital Picture Frame

Homemade Digital Picture Frame

This Instructable will show you how the author built a large Digital Picture Frame, that will blow away anything you can buy at the store. The Frame uses a 15 inch LCD monitor, that he had laying around the house, but theres no reason you couldn’t use a larger one.
The Monitor
It just happened to have a 15 inch LCD monitor that the author wasn’t using, that was perfect for this project, laying around.
The Frame
It’s a “shadow box” style frame without a back and has hanging brackets added. You will have to measure the dimensions of the LCD’s Viewable area and get them to cut the matting of the picture frame so that only the LCD’s screen is visible.
Mounting the LCD
The author had some tin lying around, which he used to fabricate the mounting brackets .To attach the brackets to the LCD, he used the screws and holes that originally held the LCD’s plastic back piece on, and then used wood screws to attach the brackets to the picture frame.
Take your time and make sure that the LCD is square and true (look at the front…not the back!) and then tighten down all the screws.
He had used a fanless Mini ITX motherboard that he purchased from Logic Supply as well as a power supply board and plug in, also a Hard Drive Converter is needed to allow a 2.5 laptop hard drive to be connected to the motherboards IDE
Mount the Power Supplies
Add a junction Box
Then make a “Start Button”
Install OS and Software
The author installed all the software outside of the picture frame, He also robbed power to run the cd drive and floppy drive, from one of my computers Mount the Hardware
Mount the hard drive using the sticky-backed zip tie mounts, and zip ties.
Mount the motherboard ( makes sure the bottom of the board isn’t touching anything metal!)
He drilled holes through the middle of the sticky-backed zip tie mounts, and ran a screw up through the bottom (the sticky side) He then put the screws through the motherboard mount holes, and tightened them up with some nylock nuts


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