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Homebrew Satellite Antenna

Homebrew Satellite Antenna

This is an Arrow Antenna that combines light weight, compact design and functionality in a single package for operating FM dual band satellites such as AO-27, UO-14, SO-41 and SO-50.
A spare 2m/70cm duplexer has been used so that it could connect right into a dual band HT. The aluminium stock is 1m lengths of 4mm ali rod and 6mm ali tube from B&Q. The 4mm rod fits inside the 6mm tube, and by crimping the 6mm tube over the 4mm rod you can extend the lengths as required for the 2m part of the antenna. Using the inside bits of choc block, an electrical connection has been made – it’s much easier to solder to choc block terminals than to aluminium! Be aware that for permanent outside installation, the electrolytic effect between the terminals and the ali rod is not good news, so you might need to rethink that one.


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