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Home made easy antenna for your access point.

Home made easy antenna for your access point.

Considering buying a new antenna for your wireless network? Read this article before you open your wallet.A six to eight inch reflector made from aluminum wire mesh can increase the range to a lot. You can also see increased privacy.

…This one can eliminate signal from some areas while enhancing signal in other areas. A six or eight inch version of this reflector is just perfect for eliminating off site coverage while enhancing signal in poorly “lit” areas..

…It can easily complete links up to one Km by sitting two WAP-11’s in windows at each end of a link with clean line of site.? The six inch version of the antenna will give you about 10 to 12 dB of gain over what you have.? This equates to approximately 27 to 33 dB of EIRP.? That means you wind up with an apparent power in the favored direction between 500 mw and 2 Watts…


…Front to back ratio is a measurement of how well a directional antenna rejects interference from directions other than the desired direction.? This reflector has excellent front to back ratio.? Front to back ratio with this antenna depends upon the size of the wire mesh you use to make the antenna.? Finer mesh will yield only slightly better gain but will yield much better front to back ratio.? Modeling shows the F/B ratio to be better than ~25 dB if you use 1/4″ or smaller mesh.? My calculated gain figures presume the reflector is 55% efficient.? If you use a solid sheet of aluminum or copper as your reflector, your gain figures may be a little bit higher than these.? The radiation pattern is narrower in the vertical plane than the horizontal plane.? With larger sizes pointing the antenna can require care…

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