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High Quality Audio Mixer

High Quality Audio Mixer

This project is probably the most ambitious so far, and can be expected to be very expensive. On the positive side, it is also capable of excellent performance, and can be tailored to suit your exact specifications. There are several different input modules in the series, the first being the microphone and line input.
Stage 1

Microphone / Line input module – Includes optional 48V phantom feed, and shows three different input stage configurations. You can choose from transformer input, or two different electronically balanced circuits. Also shows the tone control circuits, peak level indicator and all channel to group/master switching, faders and pan pots.

Stage 2


Basic Mixing Modules – These are used for mixing the stereo sends from each of the Mic/Line modules, either as sub-mixers or the main mixer (the same unit is used for each). Also included are the Auxiliary Mix Module and balanced line driver circuits, and the first stage of the power supplies.

Stage 3

Power Stages – This section shows the power supply regulators – both +/-15V main supplies and 48V phantom supply, and the headphone power amps.

Stage 4

Bits and Pieces – The next installment will describe the pre-fade listen and other headphone mixing and switching, as well as the talkback mic amp, phono and auxiliary input modules. (See NOTE below.) Stage 4 is under construction, and contains descriptive text only at this time.

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