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Here’s a tiny teaser

Here’s a tiny teaser

Today I built an electronic code lock.

And man, am I tired now.

The code lock is for a new project I’ve been working on since the beginning of this year.

I have briefly mentioned it earlier, without saying what it is.

I’m very close to completion now, so I guess I can say a bit more about it:

It’s a new book.

For kids.

With lots of projects, explained in simple ways.

It’s for the kids to build and learn how electronics work.

I wanted to use real electronic components:

Transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits and the whole shebang.

So that the kids learn the real deal.

But, just because it’s aimed at kids doesn’t mean adults can’t read it ;)


I’m collaborating with a publisher in the US.

And it’s going into the book stores.

Even though I am almost done with the writing part, it’s still a bit of a wait before it’s released.

We’re hiring a designer to create a really good layout and some awesome illustrations.

And there’s some marketing and admin stuff that takes a bit of time.

Anyway, I will tell you more once I get myself through the last 10% (which always seems to be the hardest!)

For now it’s back to work for me.

Keep on Soldering!

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