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Hanging Laptop Digital Painting

Hanging Laptop Digital Painting

Take your old laptop, matte it, frame it, and convert it into a hanging framed digital lcd screen to do with as you like.
Remove Hinges….To remove the hinges on this laptop take a torx-8 screw bit and remove the two screws in each hinge.
Ditch the Battery,tape the bottom of the display back in place with electrical tape. After that went ahead and taped up all of the display wires with electrical tape. Finally use some clear packing tape and blue painters tape to keep the thing together. Make sure you dont tape over the vents or fan openings.
So before you can go any farther you need a wooden frame.
So now that you have a frame, you need to cut a matte to size.After getting it cut out,do a dry fit just to make sure everything looked right and fit.
Sit your laptop/matte combo into the frame and mark where your power cord connects to the laptop. Drill a hole! Next drill holes for ventilation purposes. Next use small pieces of foam board to secure the laptop into place
You can set the laptop up on a wireless network with your desktop and you can access to it, so that you can upload pictures into the screensaver folder whenever you want, and you don’t have to take the frame down.


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