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Green Lamp Project

Green Lamp Project

This is a lamp made from junk parts in your garage and is energy efficient
you will need the following:
~a light base or base from an old lamp:
~ a flouresent bulb(or regular if your not going green):
~ an old cord (extention, computer, etc., as long as it has a standard wall piece):
~an empty 2 liter coke bottle (green looks really cool):
~ a small piece of wood that your light base can fit on:
~ nails or wood screws:
~tools: wire cutters, screw driver:
First youll need to drill a hole into the side and bottom of the wood.Cut the wire on the end w/o the wall plug in. Then feed the cord through the side and out the center.:
Now strip the end of the wire. Make sure you have a little less than an inch exposed. Unscrew the wiring screws, make two hook shape with the exposed part of the wires. DO NOT CUT!!!!!!


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