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Granite Speaker Project

Granite Speaker Project

The speaker enclosure for this project is constructed using 20 mm thick black granite.The loudspeaker enclosure is a vented 15L design that is tuned to 45 Hz through the rear firing port. Drivers from Seas are used for this project. The Seas G17REX/P woofer is mated with the Seas 27 TFFC tweeter and a second order crossover network at 2.5kHz. The measured results show a very flat frequency response with very good low end extension despite the relatively small size of the speakers.
Speaker Project Summary
Box dimensions 220 x 350 x 250 mm. Box material 20 mm thick black granite (Nero Assoluto). Weight 35 kg. Bass reflex enclosure tuned to 45 Hz. Volume 15 L. Input power 80W. Sensitivity 87.5 dB. Transmission bandwidth 40Hz – 20kHz. Impedance 6 ohm.


Seas Loudspeaker Drivers
The drivers selected for this loudspeaker system are from Seas who has been producing speaker drivers for over 50 years. The tweeter is the Seas 27 TFFC which has a fabric dome. The Sonolex lightweight fabric dome has high consistency and provides excellent stability against variations in air humidity. The stiff and stable rear chamber allows for a moderately low crossover frequency (~2500kHz). This made the Seas 27 TFFC tweeter the right choice for our granite loudspeaker project.

The woofer we used is the Seas G17REX/P. The woofer consists of a fiber glass cone, a bullet shaped phase plug and a high loss rubber surround. These are carefully matched to each other resulting in smooth frequency response

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